Abiertas de piernas

Yet I should not care for that he might do as he pleased, if I might abiertas de piernas be free to amuse myself and to stay in London, or have a few friends down here but HE WILL do as he pleases, and I must be a prisoner and a slave. The moment he saw I could enjoy myself without him, and that others knew my value better than himself, the selfish wretch began to accuse me of coquetry and extravagance; and to abuse Harry Meltham, whose abiertas de piernas he was not worthy to clean. And then he must needs have me down in the country, to lead the life of a nun, lest I should dishonour him or bring him to ruin; as if he had not been ten times worse every way, with his bettingbook, and his gamingtable, and his operagirls, and his Lady This and Mrs. That-yes, and his bottles of wine, and glasses of brandyandwater too. Oh, I abiertas de piernas give ten thousand worlds to be Mss Murray again.
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